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 Custom Classes 1-4

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Ḉr3@╤ôΓ ßòÿÿ™

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PostSubject: Custom Classes 1-4   Thu Oct 04, 2012 5:50 pm

Custom Class 1
20249B2C 3F800000
4A000000 93000000
103C0862 00040000
103C086F 00040000
103C085D 00000060
103C0879 00000060
123C0860 00008402
103C0864 00000020
103C0865 00000030
103C0866 000000F0
123C0868 00001402
123C086D 0000C400
103C086F 00000080
103C0870 00000070
103C0871 00000040
103C0872 00000010
103C085F 0000009B
163C087A 00000004
9459BA2A 00000000
E0000000 80008000
-it has Stonner with extended mag, red dot sight then ak74u extended mag, surppreser, red dot sight, Grenade launcher finally i think galil i forgot perks scavenger, hardened, marathon

Custom Class 2
20249B2C 3F800000
4A000000 93000000
103C0882 00040000
103C088F 00040000
103C0899 00000060
123C0880 00000401
103C0882 00000050
103C0883 00000060
103C0884 00000030
103C0885 00000070
103C0886 000000F0
123C0888 00002403
123C088D 0000F400
103C0890 00000050
103C0891 00000030
103C0892 00000060
103C087F 0000009B
163C089A 00000004
9459BA2A 00000000
E0000000 80008000
-MPL with rapid fire, red dot sight, dual mag, surpresser then MP5K with rapid fire, surpresser finnaly Spass-12 perks scavenger, hardened, marathon

Custom Class 3
20249B2C 3F800000
4A000000 93000000
103C08A2 00040000
103C08AF 00040000
103C08B9 00000060
123C08A0 0000C401
103C08A2 00000060
103C08A3 00000080
103C08A4 00000040
103C08A5 00000010
103C08A6 000000F0
123C08A8 00008402
123C08AD 0000E401
103C08AF 00000090
103C08B0 00000080
103C08B1 00000040
103C08B2 00000010
163C08BA 00000004
94591A2B 00000000
E0000000 80008000

Custom Class 4
20249B2C 3F800000
4A000000 93000000
103C08C2 00040000
103C08CF 00040000
103C08D9 00000060
123C08C0 0000B401
103C08C2 00000090
103C08C3 00000080
103C08C4 00000030
103C08C5 00000010
103C08C6 00000030
123C08C8 0000C401
123C08CD 0000A401
103C08CF 00000090
103C08D0 00000080
103C08D1 00000040
103C08D2 00000010
103C08BF 0000009B
163C08DA 00000004
9459BA2A 00000000
E0000000 80008000
-aug with extended mag, surpresser, grenade launcher, acog then ak47 with extended mag, surpresser, grenade launcher, red dot sight finally commando perks scavenger, hardened, marathon
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Custom Classes 1-4
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