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 Best Black Bird Ever(Cr3@t0r)

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Ḉr3@╤ôΓ ßòÿÿ™

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PostSubject: Best Black Bird Ever(Cr3@t0r)   Thu Oct 04, 2012 5:45 pm

Best BlackBird Ever Non-Host(Cr3@t0r)
054C3FD8 00000000
054C5938 00000000
054C7068 00000000
054C4198 01000000
054C70D8 01000000
054C6F18 01000000
054C71B8 01000000
0552B2D0 00006C80
054C60A8 3A83126F
054C6118 3FC00000
054C59A8 3FC00000
054C6F88 47C34F80
054C6FF8 47C34F80
054C61F8 47C34F80
054C40B8 495BBA00
E0000000 80008000
214EB1F4 0000000C
C0000000 00000022
9421FFB0 BDC10008
7DC802A6 41820004
48000011 43300000
80000000 437F0000
7DE802A6 CA0F0000
C1EF0008 3F008144
6318BF60 3AE00000
3A80008B 3AA00000
3AC00000 DA01FFF8
6E948000 9281FFFC
CA81FFF8 FE948028
FE947824 DA01FFF8
6EB58000 92A1FFFC
FEB57824 DA01FFF8
6ED68000 92C1FFFC
FED67824 3AF70001
D2980000 D2B80010
D2D80020 3B180078
2C170009 4180FF94
3E208165 62316000
C2F10004 C3110008
FEF7C02A 48000010
C2F10004 C3110008
FEF7C028 C311000C
C3310010 FC17C040
40810014 FC17C840
40800014 D2F10004
48000010 D3110004
48000008 D3310004
7DC803A6 B9C10008
38210050 4E800020
60000000 00000000
-The reason this code is so big its cause it has Blackbird, Highlight people in red, and it highlights the last person who killed you or that you killed.
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Best Black Bird Ever(Cr3@t0r)
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